Vanik S. Eaddy, Ph. D.

Robert Hanna (b. Abt. 1727) was a passenger, with his family, on the ship Nancy which brought Irish Protestant settlers to the area.  Council Journal 33, pp. 178-184 shows Council meeting on June 22, 1767.  Among the petitioners for warrants of survey was Robert Hanna.  "The Petitioners set forth they were protestants and had lately arrived in this province on the encouragement of the Bounty given by an act of the General Assembly of this province passed on the 25th day of July 1761 and therefore praying the same, and they have severally produced certificates as required by the said Act, it was ordered that the Secretary to prepare warrants of survey and the public Treasurer to pay their bounties to Messrs Torrans and Poug and Mr. Bath on consideration of their passage in the ship Nancy, Captain (Samuel) Hannah Commander" (no relation to this family).  This ship was owned by William Ray and Robert Wills of Belfast, Ireland.  This is very well documented in the council journals and in the book "South Carolina Immigrants 1760-1770" by Jack M. Jones and Mary B. Warren.  Robert (Hannah) Hanna was not the commander of the Ship, Nancy, he was only a passenger, according to information supplied by Muril K. Hanna, Sr., Ph. D.

The Robert Hanna family included Robert, age 40; Mary, 41; James, 18; Sophia, 13; Elias, 12; and Richard, 11.  It is believed that Richard Hanna, age 11 here, was the Richard Hanna, Sr. of the Indiantown Presbyterian Church Confession of Faith.  He also served in the American Revolution and was the father of Richard Hanna, Jr. through whom this branch of Hanna descendants came.  The dates of birth for the family of  Robert Hanna were calculated from 1767 when they petitioned for land.

The family of Hugh (Old Hugh) Hanna, Sr. (1759-1842), which developed on Lynches Lake was a different branch of Hannas which may have descended from Thomas Hanna of Dublin Ireland and settled in Pennyslvania.  (See Hugh Hanna, Sr. for this account)  We can find no documentation as of this writing which establishes a link between the descendants of  Robert Hanna, passenger of the Nancy, and those of Hugh Hanna, Sr. of the American Revolution.  Regardless of these differences, both of these families have made a valuable contribution to the development of the communities identified in this region of South Carolina.  One of these is named Hannah, now located in Florence County, South Carolina.

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