My father, Wilbur Fisk, Sr. was born and reared in Bushnell, Florida; so to was I. Bushnell was a small rural community filled, when I was a child, with persons related to the Eaddys, since it was settled by my grandfather, Joseph Allen Eaddy and grandmother, Lillie Belle Eaddy, who reared 10 children.

I lived with my wife Mildred and daughter, Pamela, in Tallahassee, FL.  Professionally, I was an Educator, having earned a Doctor of Education Degree from University of Florida.  The Department of Education employed me as Chief of Research and Evaluation.  The work was very rewarding for we were working to bring about meaningful change in public education.  Frankly, I found the relationships to change in agriculture very useful in effecting changes in education.  Much of my work was with universities around the nation and with the U. S. Office of Education.

My wife Mildred was a professional photographer.  She has worked with cabinet officers, university officials, and governors on many occasions to document the significant and, yes, the ridiculous activities of our state government affairs.

For Mildred and me our most rewarding achievement has been the birth and successful preparation of Pamela and Michael in selecting a productive life style in this society that has so drastically changed from our childhood.

Pamela was a Research Associate for a National Advisory Council.  She prepared herself with advanced graduate study in research design and systems analysis.  Her studies were completed at Florida State University with interim work in Italy.

Michael married Gayla and they lived in Tallahassee where he was an artist and musician.

The entire family enjoyed fishing on their boat the "NOTUS" berthed in Shell Point, a fishing village south of Tallahassee where we had a cottage.  We collected oysters from the back yard, scallops from the Gulf of Mexico and fish of many varieties from the flats of water that stretched for miles in front of us.

Source:  Kemmeth Maston Eaddy, Ed. D.

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