The place of birth is questionable for John Huggins as he may have been born in England, or possibly in Jamaica.  One family story goes, "John Huggins immigrated to America (Charles Town, SC) from England, by way of Jamaica.  Enroute to America, the ship was wrecked off Jamaica."  Evidence indicates he had a brother, James, who lived in Jamaica about 1705.  John Huggins is believed to have been born about 1670.

John Huggins was also mentioned in his brother's Will, recorded in Jamaica in 1693.  Since there was no land record or church record in Jamaica for John Huggins, the first, it is reasonable to assume that he came to South Carolina prior to his brother's Will in 1693, for on that date his name does not appear on the Church Register as being a resident member in Jamaica.

John Huggins, the first, married Susanna (Murrell) White, widow of William White (Sr) of Christ Church Parish prior to June 30, 1721, at which time she is shown to be Susanna Huggins and to be acting as Executrix to the estate of William White, deceased.  ... According to Christ Church Parish Register, William White, Jr. was born Nov. 16, 1709, and is recorded as being the son of William White (Sr) and his wife Susanna.  Her marriage to John Huggins, the first, took place after 1709 but prior to 1721.  She survived him at his death and served as Co-Executrix, with her son, George Huggins.

The date of birth of John Huggins, the first, is unknown.  This, however, we do know.  To have received a grant of land in 1705, he must have been at that time at least 16 years of age.  To have been a bondsman and to have executed an official bond, as he did for John Whilden in 1706, he must been at that time 21 years of age.  In the Will of James Huggins of Jamaica, dated April 12, 1693, mention is made of his brother, John Huggins, three sons and an unmarried daughter, indicating that he, James Huggins, was probably young.  It would indicate that his brother, John Huggins, may have been born as early as 1670-1680.

The text of the Will of John Huggins has been transcribed in the book, "John Huggins, I of See Wee Bay".


The above information is from "John Huggins, I of See Wee Bay", by geanalogist, Beiman Otis Prince, Columbia, SC, researched and compiled early 1960's, for Nettielee Huggins.

Much of the information compiled in the genealogy notes of Beatrice Elizabeth Baker (Mother of Samuel Cornelius Rabon), and shown in Samuel Cornelius Rabon's genealogy reports, were obtained by her from her cousin, Lulu Eaddy in 1950.  They were from the original genealogy notes and Bible Pages by George Allen Huggins, great grandson of Captain John Huggins.   Regarding "See Wee Bay", she noted, "There are some slight differences from the old record (of George Allen Huggins), but not too much (mostly in some dates and names), and it's much fuller".  "See Wee Bay" was used to expand the line some, and to substantiate the work of George Allen Huggins.

Source:  John Huggins Family of See Wee Bay Notes Compiled by Samuel Cornelius Rabon.

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