An Orignal Etching

Owned by Gary and Candace Pulliam

The piece of art work that I have of P. E. Laborde is actually a colored etching, and not a painting.  I had been storing it at my Mother's home.  I did pick it up today to bring it home with me for a better look see.  On the back of the etching is a typed information card, which is taped to the back of the matting .  It reads, "Original Etching, by P. E. Laborde, titled --'Guarding the Goats'.  Etchings carrying this label are Genuine Original French Etchings Imported from Paris.  The Artist placed on this Etching the Triangle Trade Mark enclosing the letters SZL as a Special Identification.  An Etching is only Genuine Original when made entirely by hand, and no mechanical process is used."
The colors in the etching are mainly dark brown, green,and blues.
I plan to pursue my search, and hope you will do the same.  Please keep me posted.
Good Luck,
Candace Pulliam

See:  Guarding the Goats Etching and the Original Etching Label.

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