Fulgence Z. Lemoine first married Josephine Bordelon and then Celeste Bordelon and was a very prosperous farmer who had a three-story courtyard house which was located on Boutte Bayou Road in Mansura.  He had two children born to Josephine Bordelon, ten born to Celeste Bordelon, and adopted three others.  He was very generous to anyone in need and served as a role model for his many children and granchildren. They farmed and raised wild hogs and cattle in the Old River Swamp near Mansura.

Fulgence Lemoine was accidentally killed when riding his mule which was startled and bolted.  His foot caught in the harness and dragged him to death at the age of 74.  Milburn J. LaBorde, I. (a grandson whose mother was Edna Lemoine) was 16 years old when this accident occurred.

Milburn J. LaBorde, I. recalled summers spent with his grandfather who taught him how to use tools and to make items needed on the farm or in the home.   According to Milburn, Mr. Lemoine was a skilled craftsman who could make nearly anything he wanted using simple tools and materials available to him.  Fulgence owned a small plantation called "Boutte de Bayou" which was located on Boutte Bayou Road in Mansura, LA.  It is also believed that he adopted about three children from the orphan trains, raised them with his twelve children, and treated them as his own.

The Family of Fulgence Z. Lemoine
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