Vanik S. Eaddy, Ph. D.

Edward Drake Eaddy was a very prosperous plantation owner in ante-bellum South Carolina.  The family Bible (See Bible-Dallas Poston, Johnson) records his birth with the Eddy variant of spelling, but his will was executed and signed E. D. Eaddy.  His will indicates that a plantation of several hundred acres of land, over 35 slaves, and other property were passed down to the next generation.  He valued education, provided for the formal education of his children and grandchildren, and was the head of a large and powerful family.  He died September 11, 1848 after a lengthy illness, probably beginning with a bladder infection with prostate enlargement and climaxing in uremia.

Edward Drake Eaddy married Mary Bartell and was the father of 11 children of which four were girls, three of the boys served in the Confederate Army and died as a result of disease or wounds, and four were ministers and/or laymen and teachers.  Their children were: William Eddy, Martin Eaddy, Mary Eaddy, Taylor Eaddy, Lizette Eaddy, Dovey Rosanne Eaddy, Robert James Eaddy, Sr., Jane Eaddy, Gregory Eaddy, Clark Eaddy, and Oliver Eady, Sr. (See: Variant Spelling of the Family Name for differences in this family.)

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