Daniel Singletary Eaddy (b. abt 1779) in Sumter County, SC, (d. February 17, 1823) in SC, was reported in the notes of the Francis Singletary Family compiled by Jeff Besser.  His place of birth was cited in Sumter County, SC.  This could be explained as the home of Benjamin Singletary, Sr. and Hannah Darby, his grandparents.  According to this logic, Samuel Eaddy, Jr. would have also been born there in Sumter County, SC.  Daniel Singletary Eaddy would have been contemporary with other Samuel Eaddy, Sr. family members who were listed on the docket of the first court case tried in Williamsburg County, SC.

Physical strength and coordination were valuable assets among the youth for life on Lynches Creek.  Fighting skills were necessary sometimes to protect one's honor or to make a point with abusive others.  Boddie reported that the first court house case tried in Williamsburg County was entitled:  "The State against Daniel S. Eaddy, Moses Brown, Samuel Eaddy, Jr. and James Eaddy----assault and battery."  He added, "These gentlemen had held a good old Irish discussion with sticks, plead guilty, paid their fines, and doubtless regarded their money well spent."

The author has interpreted the participants in the brawl which resulted in the first Williamsburg County, SC Assault and Battery Case to be the following:  Samuel Eaddy, Jr. (b.1777), Daniel Singletary Eaddy (1779-1823), and James Alexander Eaddy (b. 1780), were all sons of Samuel Eaddy, Sr. and Mary Elizabeth Singletary.  The fourth defendant was Moses Brown, family relationship unknown.

Another Daniel S. Eaddy (b. November 27, 1823 d. 1886) was presented as the son of John Eaddy and Rachel Stone.  He would have been too young to be involved in the battery case and James Eaddy, I. would have been too old or have already died.

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