P. E. LaBorde

A watercolor painting, of a scene which appears to be European, hangs in the law offices of Mr. Richard Calkins in Alma, Nebraska.  This painting is copy numbered 148 of 350.  The painter's signature, "P. E. Laborde" appears on the lower right corner of the print.  The title of the painting is "Chemin du halage" which has been interpreted to mean "Towpath".  Boats were towed by people or draft animals who walked along the towpath; hence, the title of the painting is embedded in the scene.

A woman is seen walking along the towpath carrying a package on her head and a basket in her arms.  She is dressed in peasant clothing of the 1800's period.  The central focus of the scene depicted is a waterway on which a small boat laden with cargo is anchored.  In the background are a bridge and two buildings which could be a church and a dwelling or warehouse.  Colors used in the painting are soft hues of browns, oranges, greens, and blues.

Inquiry has been made as to the identity of the artist and/or any other information about the painting.  If you know anything about the artist or the painting; please share this information with Vanik S. Eaddy <> and Richard Calkins <>.

The initial email message from Mr. Calkins is attached.  Three images made from polaroid photos are also provided for your observation:  (Click on the browser back button to return to this page.)

    1.  Signature and Title
    2.  View
    3.  Frame

Richard Calkins
Attorney at Law
P.O. Box 440
Alma, Nebraska 68920
In the basement of our building I recently discovered what appears to be an old watercolor done by P. E. Laborde.  It is signed by the artist and is numbered 148 out of 350.  The artist would appear to have had some commercial success in order to have the watercolor reproduced commercially.  The scene appears to be European and the title is in French.  The previous owner of the building was in Europe during World War I and he may have brought the watercolor back with him.  Does the name fall within your family history?  I am interested in determining the origin.  I would appreciate it if you could e-mail me if you might have any information.  Thank you.

Rick Calkins

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