Bernadine About 3-4 yrsBernadine Eaddy 1955-58Van and Berna at Clemson 1958

Van and Berna Wedding 1959Bernadine About 1980-85Berna in Israel 2009

Bernadine August, 2010Bernadine's Casket August 25, 2010

Celebration  Day August 25, 2010
Front Row (Kneeling L-R): Emily Lockler, Trevan Eaddy, Blaine Eaddy, Aaron Eaddy, and Troy Eaddy.
Back Row (Standing L-R):  Melissa Lockler, Kim (Marsh) Eaddy, Kai Chambers, Keah Chambers, Kecia (Eaddy) Chambers, Vanik Eaddy, Kayli Chambers, Gregory Eaddy, Brian Eaddy standing before Greg Eaddy, and Kathy Eaddy.  Standing behind Kathy (Randolph) Eaddy are M.J. LaBorde and Barbara LaBorde.


Employment: Homemaker

Date of Birth: June 22, 1937

Date of Death:  August 21, 2010

Spouse: Vanik S. Eaddy.

Children: Gregory, Kecia, Troy, Blaine, and Trevan.

Grandchildren: Bradley D. Eaddy; Tara N. Eaddy; Kai (Rhett) M. Chambers, Jr.; Keah V. Chambers, Kayli M. Chambers; Emily N. Lockler; Melissa A. Lockler; Aaron B. Eaddy; Claire H. Eaddy; Jackson B. Eaddy; William B. Eaddy; T. Brian Eaddy, Jr.; and Alyssa J. Eaddy.

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Milburn J. LaBorde, Sr. of Mansura, Louisiana.


Secretarial  Course Certificate, Avoyelles Parish Trade School, Cottonport, Louisiana, 1956.

High School  Diploma, Marksville High School, Marksville, Louisiana, 1955.

Occupational History:

Registrar and Assistant to the President, Career Technical College, Mobile, Alabama.

Administrative Assistant, Loan Processing Department, Capitol Bank, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Secretary to the Business Agent, Carpenter’s Local #1846, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Legal Secretary, B.C. Bennett, Attorney, Marksville, Louisiana.

Other Achievements:

President, Women’s Full Gospel, Auburn, Alabama, 1983.

Vice President, Women’s Full Gospel Fellowship, Auburn, Alabama, 1981-82.

Missionary tour to Taipei, Taiwan with Nora Lamm Crusades.

Tour of Israel and Jordan, 2009.


Mrs. Bernadine L. Eaddy died at her residence in Starkville, Mississippi approximately 3:30 p.m. on August 21, 2010.  She was born in Mansura, Louisiana on June 22, 1937 to her parents Milburn Joseph LaBorde, I. and Estelle Wall LaBorde, both of whom are now deceased.  She had a baby sister named Veronica Marie LaBorde who died in 1947.  One of her grand daughters named Kaitlyn Gabrielle Chambers, died the night before the day of her birth July 4, 1994.

Bernadine’s heritage is deeply rooted in French ancestry preceding the establishment of the United States.  French was spoken in her home as a primary language for seniors and a second language for her generation.  They were quick to tell everyone that their heritage went directly back to France and was called Parisian French and not Acadian (Cajun) French.  She frequently spoke fluently in French to anyone she met who knew the language and taught her children many words in French.  She was especially overjoyed whenever she could witness to anyone in French.

When Bernadine was only six or seven years, she received a vision she believed was from Jesus Christ, Messiah.  She attempted to speak to God using what she thought was Latin, the language of the Catholic Mass.  In her conversation, she asked the Lord if she could “become his little girl and speak the heavenly language”.  She then saw a blinding light and heard the voice of a man who said, “Yes my child”, or words to that effect.  As a result of this conversation, Bernadine was different from all other girls forever.  To know Bernadine was to know joy and love.  She impacted favorably on the lives of nearly everyone who knew her well.  Upon reaching adulthood and having five children by her side, she received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in Biblical tongues.  From that day forward she lived a life blessed with miracles almost daily.  She dearly loved Jesus the Messiah of Israel and would openly share those experiences with anyone willing to listen.  

Her survivors include her husband of 51 years, Vanik S. Eaddy, Ph. D. who was born in South Carolina on March, 26 1937.  Their story is an amazing account of a farm boy from the South Carolina Low Country who learned that the shortest way to get from Fort Benning, Georgia to Indiantown, South Carolina was through New Orleans, Louisiana.  She was to him a prime example of the role model woman of Proverbs Chapter 31:10-31.

Her living children with their spouses are Gregory V. Eaddy and Sandra G. Eaddy (Divorced); Kecia V. Chambers and Kai M. Chamber, Sr;; Troy B. Eaddy and Kathy R. Eaddy; Blaine E. Eaddy and Kimberly M. Eaddy; and Trevan B. Eaddy, Sr. and Cherry A. Eaddy.

She is survived by a brother, Milburn, Joseph LaBorde, II. and a total of 13 living grandchildren.  The grandchildren are Bradley D. Eaddy, Tara N. Eaddy, Kai (Rhett) M. Chambers, Jr., Keah V. Chambers, Kayli M. Chambers, Emily N. Lockler, Melissa A. Lockler, Aaron B. Eaddy, Claire H. Eaddy, Jackson B. Eaddy, William B. Eaddy, T. Brian Eaddy, Jr., and Alyssa J. Eaddy.

The wake was held 5:00 p.m. on August 24, 2010 at Welch’s Funeral Home in Starkville.  The funeral service was conducted on August 25, 2010 at New HorizonsChristian Fellowship Church in Starkville by Rev. Johnny Buckner.  Interment followed at the Memorial Gardens on Octoc Road near Starkville, Mississippi.

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